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Language & Learning Lab (Duncan Lab)

Language & Metacognition Lab (Harley Lab)

Ct Lab (Communication And Eye-Tracking Lab  - Kamide Lab)

Speech & Gesture Production Lab (Melinger Lab)

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Murray Lab

People of LaRC

Dr Lynne Duncan
  • literacy acquisition
  • implicit and explicit phonological awareness
  • dyslexia
  • cross-language comparisons
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Prof Trevor Harley
  • speech production
  • effects of brain trauma
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Alzheimer's-type dementia
  • ageing
  • metacognition
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Dr Yuki Kamide
  • sentence processing
  • integration of visual and linguistic information 
  • situated language processing
  • parsing
  • second language processing
  • cross-linguistics
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Prof Alan Kennedy
  • eye guidance in reading
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Dr Alissa Melinger
  • language production
  • lexical selection
  • sentence planning
  • bilingualism
  • gesture production
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Dr Wayne Murray
  • reading
  • lexical access
  • syntactic parsing
  • semantic processing
  • plausibility
  • new vocabulary acquisition
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Dr Roger van Gompel
  • language comprehension
  • language production
  • sentence processing
  • discourse processing
  • second language processing
  • winning a marathon
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Dr Cornelia Hien
  • language development
  • PI: Dr Lynne Duncan & Dr Doug Potter

Dr Anue Kukona

  • language in context
  • network modelling
  • PI: Dr Yuki Kamide

Dr Shane Lindsay
  • perceptual simulations in language processing
  • novel word learning
  • PI: Dr Yuki Kamide




Gavin Revie

  • Supervisor: Dr Yuki Kamide

Laura Wakeford
  • Supervisor: Dr Wayne Murray

Glenn Williams
  • Supervisor: Dr Yuki Kamide

Language Research Centre, School of Psychology
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